Time to renew your CCA membership!

CCA National is pleased to inform you that both new and returning members can join or renew online.

What is different you may ask?  In the past, when people clicked the online payment their information was downloaded and manually entered by CCA staff. Now when members or new folks complete the online application, it will be directly linked into their own accounts. Members will now be able to see their data with CCA. They can update email and address changes. This investment will allow the small team at CCA National to focus more on providing value added assistance and to manage our members more proactively. Eventually we will host an online member portal where members will be able to access Member Only content and discussion forums.

Members who are due for renewal were sent an email today to prompt them to renew. They were given step by step instructions on how to renew online. Members without an email will be send a hard copy notice in the mail.  In the coming month, we will proactively follow up with those members who have lapsed since the start of the year.

We appreciate your support in helping us renew those members. When speaking with members, please encourage them to use the convenience of the online renewal instead of calling or faxing.

Link to our page on the website: https://cca.imiscloud.com/CCA_Mbr/Home/MbrCCA/Benefits.aspx?hkey=a613a736-3fa3-43dd-bbfc-0cb4dbab094c